Will Robert Pattinson's Batman bump into Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck aka Joker?

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By Murtaza Ali Khan
Batman, Joker
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Ever since the release of Todd Phillips' Joker there have been talks of too much realism creeping into the comic-book world of Batman. Joker is a film that Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan could have never made. It really needed someone who could inject it with a fresh doze of thought and Phillips did just that with his highly realistic treatment and unforgiving socio-political commentary critiquing the rich and the powerful who merely look down upon the weak and the needy because they can. 

Now what the unprecedented success of Joker has done is make people ask for more. As opposed to the general notion that Joker is supposed to be a standalone film there is a lot speculation that Phoenix's Joker aka Arthur Fleck may very well return for a sequel. But how and when? 

Well, we all are aware that Matt Reeves' The Batman starring Robert Pattinson is currently set for a 2021 release. Reeves has already confirmed that The Batman won't be an origin story but it's quite apparent from the images that have been released till date that his Batman will be a younger version of The Dark Knight in his early days of vigilante career. The setting could be 2000s. Characters such as Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman are all confirmed to appear. Now there is every possibility that Joker will either appear during the movie or at least a reference to the Clown Prince of Crime will be made. Now this Joker may very well be Phoenix's Arthur Fleck. And if that's the case one can only imagine the reaction of the fans. 

What if the introduction takes place during the post-credits of Reeves' The Batman? Now, Reeves has already made it clear that he is making a different kind of Batman movie. And we already witnessed how different was the Phillips' Joker movie which even introduced us to a young Bruce Wayne and even alluded to the possibility of Thomas Wayne being Arthur Fleck's biological father. So one really wonders if Reeves' different Batman would eventually meet Phillips' different Joker? And if that actually happens then what would be the repercussions of such a union? Will Batman films permanently embrace realism and let go of their comic-book legacy? Clearly, it would something to be watch out for.  

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