How did Manoj Pahwa shock the crew on the sets of Netflix's 'Hasmukh'

Netflix’s latest series Hasmukh traces the journey of an ambitious comedian played by Vir Das from the small town of Saharanpur and has the dream to make the world laugh. On the path to becoming a great comedian, he discovers - while he is great at writing, his comic timing couldn't be worse. His only goal becomes to prove to his mentor and the town’s biggest comedian - Gulati, played by Manoj Pahwa that he can be the best and is ready to put in whatever it takes, quite literally.

Gulati is actually nothing but a hack who has somehow turned 37 minutes of mediocre material into a 29-year career. Manoj Pahwa played the role of Gulati who wears prosthetic legs and on the first day when he came out to shoot in his character, the crew was left astounded. On the crew’s reaction on the first day of the shoot, Manoj Pahwa reminisced saying, To play the role of Gulati, I had to wear the prosthetics and it was absolutely fine for me - I was very comfortable as they made the fit perfect, according to my size. However, when I stepped out for the first time to shoot, everyone had white blank faces, as if they just saw a ghost! For about a minute, I didn’t understand what was happening, so I continued walking and then it hit me, the crew was staring at me because of my prosthetics. For about a moment I wanted to play along, get a nice prank figured and have my fun but I just couldn’t, I burst out laughing. Told everyone the truth, but this is one of the few things I regret, I think I could’ve played a very nice prank.

Netflix’s Hasmukh is the story of an unassuming young man who has big dreams - he wants to make the world laugh. But that dream is far out of his reach. While he is talented and adept at writing exceptional jokes, he has a terrible comic timing. The show displays the story of how every dream comes with a price and Hasmukh realizes that the only way to “kill it on stage”, is if he “kills off stage". The question is: how far is he willing to go? And can he get away with all this?

Catch Hasmukh on Netflix, streaming 17th April onwards.

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