"Shaun The Sheep: Farmageddon" Review: Shaun the Superhero

A Potpourri of Vestiges Review

By Astha Joshi

A series which everyone in their childhood had loved to watch, Shaun the Sheep, has now come up with an animated film 'Shaun The Sheep: Farmageddon' directed by Will Becher and Richard Phelan, where Shaun is not only a sheep but also a superhero who helps his alien-friend to go back to her planet. This animated film doesn't fail to make you laugh like its series. The appropriate use of situational comedy successfully makes one burst out laughing. It lets the emotion sink in before jumping on to the next. At times, it becomes racy and adventurous, giving the viewer a sense of being an adrenaline-junkie along with a constant smile on their face.

There's no change in the characters, except adding the new ones. Lula, the little alien, mistakenly crashes on planet Earth and goes through several fearful and vague experiences which beautifully connects the audience to her.

Before meeting Lula, Shaun and his team tirelessly make efforts to play and get rid of their boredom and their captain-dog, Blitzer leaves no stone unturned to stop their devilish behavior. Street-smart Shaun keeps leading the herd with new ideas, and that's when he sees the alien for the first time. With no words and mere expressions, the director has been able to bring out the sentiments beautifully.

After which, parallel stories go together when Lula and Shaun meet and experience the roller coaster of emotions; at the same time, the farmer's greedy desire to buy a new tractor arises, and the sinister organization is looking for the alien. In between, the superpowers of Lula keep amazing Shaun, and at times give rise to a new problem, getting the duo in trouble.

Although, there's nothing novel in the story, the narration on the screen is where the real thrill is. It is indeed creative and funny to see the recreations of some shots of '2001: A Space Odyssey', using the same background music and a few scenes, the parody did wonders. More than its animation, the film rocked with its background music, depicting the characters lucidly. The film also pleases your eyes with the use of beautiful scenic landscapes at the start of the film. In animation films, it becomes necessary to pick up the right shades to set the mood, and this film successfully does it. Apart from the technicalities, the director has done justice with each character, giving them the space to develop. The director chose to narrate the story of the alien as well as of the antagonist through flashbacks.

The film was not only a comic film, but a complete package of emotions. It also stands out in the portrayal of human values like true friendship and commitment. With its animation and joyous approach towards space, the film will surely inspire the kids to explore more about planets and the cosmic world. It will help in building their interest in the celestial world. Along with the kids, it will be a fun-time for the parents and older ones to sit back and relive their childhood.

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