Bunker second poster out, part of the trilogy highlights 'Hope & Sacrifice', introduces the titular character of the Soldier played by Abhijeet Singh

After receiving a heartfelt response from the audience for the trailer of Bunker, which won hearts from across quarters, the makers have dropped the second poster of the movie today. The film delving into a very sensitive topic of Mental Health issue amongst the soldiers, now embarks on its journey for the pan India release on 17th January 2020.

While the country is witnessing an unrest over the tumultuous happenings since the last few weeks, 'Bunker', is noble mission with its anti-war plot and message of no one winning a war, whether the soldier is from our side or the other side, it’s the soldier's family which is always at loss.

95 per cent of the movie was shot in 12 by 8 feet Bunker. The bunker, here is used as a metaphor for a soldier's mind which is always at a conflict between duty towards the country and duty towards the family.

In a momentous poster release which is a part of trilogy, the second poster introduces the character Lieutenant Vikram Singh, played by actor, Abhijeet Singh who is a lone survivor with a fatal injury in a secret Bunker at the LOC in Poonch, Kashmir which has been hit by a mortar shell during a ceasefire violation.

Director Jugal Raja explains, "The poster released has a mystical aura showing 'Hope & Sacrifice' to it as we see. The soldier is always prepared for war. He can hide his emotions but his eyes cannot. Eyes have several stories to tell and many battles to fight".

Lead actor Abhijeet Singh, who was last seen alongside Rajkumar Rao & Kriti Kharbanda in Shaadi Main Jaroor Aana, gets to play the titular role of Lieutenant Vikram Singh added, "Bunker is a film that's a biopic of every soldier whose name you may not heard in life. A soldier resonates resoluteness, strength and struggle written all over him. Vikram Singh is a common man having a tough job. He is not a super hero but that of a man who stands behind a superhero. This was a story of any supporting character that you might have seen in any army based films made till now. The human factor was real and organic."

Bunker is all set to give the audience a close view of not just the war we know but also the war we don’t know, that which goes inside the minds of the armed forces. In a rarest move, the makers of the film have also announced 100% of the profits to be donated for Bharat Ke Veer and Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA).

Presented by Wagging Tail Entertainment, Produced by Falcon Pictures Production, and a Vakoo nationwide release, Bunker - Written and Directed by Jugal Raja, starring Abhijeet Singh and Arindita Kalita in the lead roles, will be releasing on 17th Jan 2020.

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