ZEE5 Original “Tigers”: Oscar-winning Danis Tanovic’s powerful investigative thriller featuring a deeply nuanced performance from Emraan Hashmi

A Potpourri of Vestiges Review

By Murtaza Ali Khan

Remember No Man's Land? Yes, it's the very film that beat Lagaan to win the Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film, back in the year 2001. The director of the film Danis Tanovic has recently come out with a film with Emraan Hashmi in the lead called Tigers that recently released on ZEE5. The film revolves around an MNC that produces baby food products which have gone to kill hundreds of babies. Tigers is set in Pakistan and is based on true events with Hashmi’s character based on a real person who took it upon himself to expose a leading corporation responsible for deaths of thousands of children in Pakistan. Ayan is a small-time salesman whose life changes forever when he gets hired by a major MNC producing baby food. But his world changes upside down when he learns the dark truth behind the products he is selling with all his might.

Tanovic’s film is actually 12 years in the making. The film suffered endless delays, and ultimately it was decided to change the name of the baby food corporation involved so as to avoid any legal complications. Also, the primary character’s name was altered. But these changes are only minor, and the film actually succeeds in addressing an issue which is as real as it can be.  As a matter of fact, one can really feel the pain and suffering that Ayan and his family has to go through from the very moment he decides to quit his lucrative job. Tanovic’s hard-hitting film is a powerful reminder of how big corporate organisations tend to exploit the weak and the poor—something that the governments in developing countries often find themselves accomplice in.
Tigers is a well-researched film and it evident in each and every frame. The attention to period details is absolutely striking, and it is indeed commendable how Emraan Hashmi plays Ayaan. Also, the film’s supporting cast is equally brilliant. Here Adil Hussain and Geetanjali Thapa deserve a special mention.
So, leave aside whatever you are doing and watch Oscar-winning filmmaker Danis Tanovich's Tigers. This is a very powerful investigative thriller, with interesting use of documentary tropes, featuring an Indian leading cast well led by Emraan Hashmi who has never looked better in a movie. It takes a good director to make a performer give his/her best and here Tanovic demonstrates it brilliantly. A must watch!
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