Ultimate Guide to Writing an Incredible Movie Review

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Writing a movie review is different from giving a personal feedback. The review should be composed according to particular rules and principles, some of which are challenging and time-consuming. We've asked professional academic writers from WriteMyPaperHub.com to share tips on how to write a stellar movie review, and here they are.

Follow 5 Easy Steps for Successful Writing

  1. Analyze the plot. Consider the script of the movie or the literary work on which it is based. What was his plot, history, dialogue? Did it interest you? Was it plausible? Did you get all the information you need to track the content of the movie? Are the dialogues plausible? Is there any evolution of the artistic image in the characters? Is the plot interesting and plausible?
  2. Analyze the background. Is this a low-budget or high-budget movie? What were the previous works of actors, producers, and directors?
  3. Analyze the acting game. Determine if the acting was presented at the proper level. Did you trust the characters? It does not mean that you liked the way the character was portrayed. Did the actor's play help to believe in the reality of the characters in the film? Have movie characters been well played? Did they seem to be real people? Had the actors radically changed their appearance?
  4. Element analysis. Explore the artwork, scenery, and place of action. Do actions in the background distract or, conversely, gradually master your attention? Are they plausible or too overrated? Evaluate the costumes and props. What are characters wearing? How do their clothes fit their mood? Is there a change in costumes important and noticeable? How well does the requisite fit? Was it helpful or too obsessive? Consider how good the music fits into the movie? Does it turn your attention away, or vice versa, is too quiet? Does it help you understand the essence of the movie?
  5. Analysis of shooting techniques.Analyze the shooting methods. What techniques are usually used by the director or operator during the film process? Why does he/she use them and how does this affect the movie? What kind of shooting is used by the director/operator?  Study the tempo and structure. Does the movie go smoothly? Too fast or too slow? Does it go in a certain order or randomly?

Making a Review

  • Start with a preface. Tell readers about the history of the film, the expectations, the actors and those who participated in the creation of the picture.
  • Include in the summary a small but meaningful short description of the plot. Make sure the final picture is not declassified.
  • Do not use spoilers and do not point too many parts.
  • Discuss the different parts described above.
  • Try to link your output with input. Did movie justify your expectations? What is your verdict in general? Express your thoughts, reinforcing analysis and facts.

Last Minute Tips

  • Make the analysis engaging and exciting, and at the same time, bring the necessary information.
  • It will be useful to give time to plunge into the movie before you throw it all at once. You can understand what you could not understand before, and it can completely change your mind about the movie.
  • You probably have to watch the movie several times to catch all the moments.
  • Be sure to include or at least try to include both good and bad moments in the review.
  • It will be useful to take notes while watching a movie.
  • Make sure you spend enough time and efforts proofreading your review. To make things faster, use online grammar checkers to help you out. You can also address a writing service to edit your review just the way professor expects you to.
If you don’t have enough time to watch a new movie two, three times and later make an analysis, if you need a movie review written overnight for your blog, you can contact a professional and high-quality writing service SmartWritingService to do it for you or check what you’ve written and edit it. Good luck!

Readers, please feel free to share your opinion by leaving your comments. As always your valuable thoughts are highly appreciated!

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