Ways to Refill Your Bean Bag in 6 Steps

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Sometimes, you need to refill your bean bag chairs because over time, they tend to sag, lose shape, and provide less comfort than they used to, hampering your binge-watch or binge-read sessions. You must consider these situations before purchasing any bean bag refills. It is always advisable to buy bean bags with beans as the refill can help re-fluff and restore your bean bag to its former glory. However, refilling your beanbag may get tricky and messy. This is why we bring to you a step-by-step guide to refill bean bags.

1. Team effort

Ensure that you refill your bean bag with some help. Usually, this is a two-person job.

2. Open area

Ensure that you choose a clear area to refill your bean bag, as it might get messy. Keep away from other furniture that may get affected, like lamps and curtains. Anywhere that is easy to clean up is ideal, such as outdoors.

3. Hold it upside down

To begin, one person should hold up the bean bag, because if it is set down, the bag will spill with beans. Therefore, hold it upside down and then open the zip carefully, which is usually present on the underside of the bag.

4. Transfer beans

While one person holds the open bean bag, the other person should transfer the refill beans into the bean bag using a good tool, like a large kitchen soup pot. Try not to spill any beans on to the floor to avoid a messy accident.

5. Avoid overfilling

You should avoid overfilling the bean bag, as that will make it uncomfortable and you may have to redo the process if you are not happy with the support it provides. If you are unsure about how much to refill, consult a furniture expert.

6. Close it up

Once you are happy with the amount of refill, you can carefully close the zip of the bean bag. While one person holds the bean bag from the bottom, the other person can zip it up from the top.

With these tips to refill your bean bag, the process should be a piece of cake. Many bean bags that are available online such as the Can’s Mudda XXXL Bean Bag Chair, are very easy to refill. The simplistic and lightweight design allows you a hassle-free refill process. Remember, this guide to refill your bean bag should be followed only if absolutely necessary. Refilling your bean bag when it does not require new beans can make it bloaty, lumpy, heavy, and uncomfortable. Therefore, be sure before you undertake the process. When you do, these steps to refill your bean bag should be followed closely.

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