Palladium and Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai bring the best of Asian cinema in an impeccably curated five-day cinema extravaganza

Phoenix MarketCity & Palladium, Chennai, are hosting Asian Cine Experience - the city’s first ever film festival dedicated exclusively to cinema across Asia. ​Scheduled to take place from Wednesday, 3 October 2018 to Sunday, 7 October 2018 ​this five-day cinema extravaganza brings together a showcase of films from seven countries including Singapore, Japan​, Thailand​, Taiwan​, Vietnam​, Iran​ and India​. 

The complete list of films is as follows: 

Banting by M. Raihan Halim (Singapore, 2014) 
Barf by Mehdi Rahmani (Iran, 2014) 
Boarding Pass by Mehdi Rahmani (Iran, 2018) 
Cape No: 7 by Wette-shen (Taiwan, 2008) 
Fine Totally Fine by Yosuke Fujita (Japan, 2008) 
Fuku Chan by Yosuke Fujita (Japan, 2014) 
Jackpot by Dustin Nguyen (Vietnam, 2015) 
Monkey Twins by Nonthakorn Thaweesu (Thailiand, 2016)
Ok Kanmani by Mani Ratnam (India, 2015) 
Ram Lakhan by Subash Ghai (India, 1989) 
Taal by Subash Ghai (India, 1999) 
Takes Two to Tango by Jen Wan (Taiwan, 2014) 
Thenali by K.S Ravikumar (India, 2000) 
Zero to Podium by (Iran 2017)

With it’s impeccably curated selection of film, panel discussions and workshops, the festival endeavours to offers a truly unique cinematic experience for Chennai’s film enthusiasts.

Among the plethora of events programed for the Asian Cine Experience, some of the key highlights are:

MasterClass on Acting by Mr. Arvind Pandey, faculty at Whistling Woods International Institute​: With this special Masterclass session, Mr. Arvind Pandey will unpack what it truly means to “act”, addressing many misconceptions of the craft. The aim of this session is to encourage actors to overcome barriers they face and encourage anyone passionate about acting to give it a shot. 

Date: Thursday, 4 October 2018 
Venue: Club Crest, Phoenix MarketCity 
Time: 5 pm  

Red Carpet Premier - ​Boarding Pass by Mehdi Rahmani (Iran): ​The premier of Boarding Pass - a compelling film by acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Mehdi Rahmani is one of the key highlights of the Asian Cine Experience, embodying the diverse and cutting edge program of the event. 

Date: Friday, 5 October 2018 
Venue: Jazz Cinemas 
Time: 6.30 pm 

Writer’s Workshop with Mr. Anjum Rajabali : ​This workshop offers a unique opportunity to gain insight on script writing with Mr. Anjum Rajabali - one of India’s leading screenwriters, with the scripts of films such as Ghulam (1998), The Legend of Bhagat Singh (2002) and Raajneeti (2010) attributed to his name. Mr. Rajabali is the Head of Screenwriting at Whistling Woods International Institute as well as the Honorary Head of Screenplay Writing at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). As an active leading part of the 'Progressive Writers Group' (PWG) India, Anjum has been working tirelessly for improvements in writers’ rights in the Indian film industry. 

Date: Saturday, 6 October, 2018 
Venue: Club Crest, Phoenix MarketCity 
Time: 11 am Registration: 

Panel Discussion with Mr. Anjum Rajabali: ​This panel discussion, led by Mr. Rajabali with unwrap the vital question - Is Cinema only for Entertainment? The session will open up a conversation on the relationship between storytelling and society as well as cinema’s influence on and relationship to everyday reality. 

Date: Saturday, 6 October, 2018 
Venue: Club Crest, Phoenix MarketCity 
Time: 5.30 pm 

Short Film Screening: ​Following the invitation for young filmmakers from across India to send in their short films, the final selection will be screened in a special one and a half hour session that celebrates young, cinematic talent.The endeavour is to encourage filmmakers by giving them a platform to showcase their art. 

Date: Saturday, 6 October, 2018 
Venue: Club Crest, ​Phoenix MarketCity 
Time: 7 pm 

Panel Discussion with directors Mehdi Rahmani (Iran), Yosuke Fujita (Japan) and M. Raihan Halim (Singapore) : ​This panel discussion brings together three acclaimed film directors to discuss the art of filmmaking. Mr. Rahman, Mr. Fujita and Mr. Halim’s films Boarding Pass (2018), Fuku Chan (2014) and Banting (2014) will be screened during the course of the Asian Cine Experience. 

Date: Sunday, October 7 2018 
Venue: Club Crest, Phoenix MarketCity
Time: 5.30 pm

In addition to these program highlights, there will be a number of cinema-themed attractions ​across both the mall spaces including: 

● An exhibition of unseen photographs of veteran actor Rajnikanth 
● A display of vintage cameras and film making equipment courtesy of L.V. Prasad Film & TV Academy, Chennai 
● Film Quiz 
● Flash mob performance by the Loyola Dream Team - one of India’s premier dance teams. 

Asian Cine Experience is a part of the ​of the on-going September Fest ​program - a celebration of Asian culture hosted by Phoenix MarketCity & Palladium, Chennai. The festivities so far have included the tremendously successful AnimeCon, Korean Beauty Con and Phoenix Gaming Expo weekends. The Asian Cine Experience marks the last chapter of a month-long celebration of Asia’s vibrant popular culture in the city of Chennai.

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