10 shows on Hotstar that made it to Emmys this season

Loved the world over, ‘Game of Thrones’ stormed the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards, taking home the best drama award for the third time in the past four years. The night of Emmys, as always, saw some of the best talent and shows being honored. It’s time to celebrate and tune-in to some of the best Emmy awarded and nominated shows on Hotstar.

1. Game of Thrones

The series chronicles the violent dynastic struggles among royal families for the Iron Throne, while other families fight for independence from it.

2. Last Week Tonight

A comedy news show, hosted by comedian John Oliver. It is a satirical look at the week in news, political and current events.

3. Versace

A crime anthology series with the second season being around the assassination of the Italian fashion designer and founder of Versace, Gianni Versace

4. The Americans

A period drama about the complex marriage of two KGB spies posing as Americans in suburban USA shortly after Ronald Reagan is elected President

5. This is Us

The show details the lives and families of two parents, and their three children born on the same day as their father's birthday

6. Westworld

In a futuristic amusement park, the visitors interact with automatons and indulge in things without consequence only to soon observe the unimaginable

7. Barry

Barry, who works as a low-rent hitman in the Midwest, travels to LA to kill someone & finds himself joining the local arts scene

8. Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David stars as himself, living the good life out in Los Angeles and stumbling through one faux-pas after another

9. Silicon Valley

Created by Mike Judge, this satire revolves around the struggle of six programmers trying to make a mark in the big, bad world of programming

10. Patrick Melrose

Following the death of his father, Patrick Melrose attempts to overcome his addictions & demons rooted in abuse by his father and negligent mother

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