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Tips and Tricks for Writing a Movie Analysis Essay

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Tips and Tricks for Writing a Movie Analysis Essay and More

Almost every top movie is analyzed once it has been released. Movie reviews have indeed become very common. In fact, television shows to analyze trending movies are being aired on almost every television station. In the academic field too, students write movie analysis essays. These essays review the highlights of movies as well as television series. Movie reviews examine every aspect of a movie. This means the characters, the setting, and the context. It is important to note that they are highly subjective and therefore, include personal opinions. One can simply say that movie analysis essays help to make the reader understand the movie without revealing too many details about a movie.

Features of a movie analysis essay

A movie analysis essay has a specific format and like any other essay, it usually has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

The Introduction

The introduction contains the basics of the movie: the director, when the movie was produced, and writer’s judgment (whether one liked it or not). Additionally, you are supposed to introduce the theme of the movie as well in the introduction. You should also include a statement telling readers where you stand with regards to the movie. This simply means you have to tell your readers whether they should watch the movie or not. Do not forget to include an argument or a thesis statement in your essay.

The Body

Provide a summary of the movie or your version of the plot. A plot helps or makes it easy to understand the movie. Here, you are supposed to tell your audience what the movie entails. Therefore, provide a summary of the movie and tell your audience what the movie is about.

Provide your analysis of the movie. Once you have laid all the facts out, what remains is providing your analysis of the movie and some of the scenes.

Tell us your opinion on the movie. Did you / did you not like it. Bring out your arguments supporting your stance on whether you liked the movie or not. Additionally, remember to include every little detail about the movie. Do not forget to tell your audience whether the goal of the movie was achieved. The body simply builds on your thesis statement.

The Conclusion

A typical conclusion contains a restatement of the thesis statement as well as your last remarks regarding the topic you are writing about. So here, restate your thesis statement and emphasize your take regarding the movie. It is indeed essential to note that you need to make this so convincing that the reader will either ignore the movie altogether or they will immediately make plans to watch the movie.

7 Tips for Writing a Great Movie Analysis
Experts at Essay Zoo recommend the following if you want to write a great movie analysis essay:

Have information on the movie. Watch the movie first. It does not matter how many times you have watched the movie before. When you want to write a movie analysis essay, re-watch the movie while recording all the important details. After you have watched and completely internalized the movie, now start writing your paper.

Develop an outline. An outline is simply a map of what your paper should contain. Therefore, make a map of what you wish to include in your paper and include all the points you wish to convey to your readers. 

Brainstorm ideas on how to best tackle your assignment. This is a critical stage in your paper because this is where you come up with the points you will include in your paper. The best way here to start is always to choose an argument which you will defend throughout the paper. This argument should be clearly conveyed to make your work comprehensible. 

Define the main goals of your analysis. Remember you are not rewriting the plot of the movie. Avoid adding a lot of unnecessary details to your work. Instead, explain your main points well to help your audience understand your views better.

Do a lot of research on your work. Your essay will be understood well if you have all the details of the movie at your fingertips. Search and read both online and offline sources to understand how and what the director was trying to convey in the movie. Remember you are defending your arguments, therefore, you need to get all the facts right.

Interpret the message in the movie to your readers in your own way. Tell them how you understood the movie. However, ensure you base your arguments on the facts of the movie. Do not divert from the movie. Since analysis involves your opinions present them clearly. 

Ensure that your statements are grounded in facts and are true. You do this by getting facts from the movie and attaching them as proofs to your analysis. Your analysis should include comments on the plot and settings of the movie. Also, do comment on the characters and source material.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Movie Analysis Essay

- Remember this is an analysis and not a summary. Therefore, do not summarize the details of the movie. You may recount some scenes from the movie but remember the readers are interested in what you think about the scenes. This means your opinions on the movie and not a repetition of the movie.

- Remember this is your own work. Therefore, paraphrase anything and everything you include and that is not yours. 

- Additionally, ensure the structure of your sentences is correct. You simply do not want the reader to have a hard time understanding the details in your paper.

Examples of Movies to Write Your Analysis on

There are different categories of movies students can do analysis on. You can be told to write movie analysis essays on horror movies, action movies, inspirational movies, or comical movies. Remember, whenever you find yourself struggling to write or in a tight spot over deadlines, custom writing is always another option. 

Your teacher will either provide you the name of a movie or ask you to find for yourself.

Here, we will give you a few examples of some movies which you can base your paper on.

- Star Wars

- Saving Private Ryan

- Dunkirk

- The Avengers

- Avatar

- Lord of the Rings

- Deadpool

- The Dark Tower

- Pearl Harbor

- Operation Chromite

- Captain America

- 13 Hours the Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

- The Big Short

- Sing

- Moana

- Hacksaw Ridge

- Wonder Woman, etc.


In conclusion, a movie analysis essay simply requires your unique and original take or opinion regarding a movie. Remember to not rewrite the movie’s plot but rather include your sentiments about the acting, setting, and the director’s prowess in gelling the different themes and motifs. The above are not the absolute tips for writing movie analysis essays but will indeed gift you a good head start.

Readers, please feel free to share your opinion by leaving your comments. As always your valuable thoughts are highly appreciated!

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