Cheer Haran, based on Jat reservation, gets applauded internationally

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Cheer Haran, an exact picture of Jat reservation agitation by Kuldeep Ruhil, is being praised on the world level. Recently the team visited Alay and unveiled the documentary to the audience there. The spectators gave a great response and the team also got a standing ovation for the film. The team is extremely happy and excited. They will travel with the film and cater various audiences at different places. Cheer Haran is the brainchild of Kuldeep Ruhil who got so moved with the scenario of the Jat reservation agitation that claimed many lives, that he decided to film the whole moment and have tried to bring out the hidden facts and truth through it.

Cheer Haran’s first screening in London got significant admiration. The director was, of course, nervous and curious but the results were satisfactory. This Jat reservation that paralyzed Haryana and shamed India across the globe last year has been revived with the initiative of the director (Kuldeep). The producer and director of the 90-minute documentary is all set to present it worldwide. The film showcases real survivors and victims and is leaving a huge impact on the audience.

The title was also compared to the heinous incident from the Mahabharata as Haryana was in a similar situation, unguarded and abandoned when all of a sudden the Jat agitation for OBC reservation flared up into a devastating inferno of sectarian violence. The film tries to make out why things turned violent, whether the brutality could have been averted?

Produced by Twister Entertainment, the Hindi documentary is all set to be well praised in abroad and then will be released in India.

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