Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Insan celebrate grand 50th golden jubilee birthday with more than 15 lakh people

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The 50th Golden Jubilee Birthday of Pujya Guru Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji, was celebrated in a very grand manner, even the 'MSG Nau Barr Nau Bhandara' were held on the second night. In this grand ceremony, some artists were also present to grace the function, they showcased their skills through magic. Artists won the hearts of people by making sandalwood in India and creating wonderful works in a few minutes from the sand. They surprised everyone by drawing pictures of Dr. MSG and Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj. There was lot of enthusiasm in Dera devotees about this grand ceremony of seven nights on Dr. MSG's Birthday. On the second night, more than 15 lakh people from different states and foreign countries came to celebrate Satguru's birthday.

'Art and Magician' organized in the second series of 'MSG Nau Barr Nau Bhandara'. Whereas, Dr. MSG entered on stage in a grand way, everybody looked desperate to get a glimpse of the revered Guruji wearing pink and multi-colored dress. At the ceremony, the famous magician Prince's team got the attention of everyone with their superb presentation. The magicians, brothers Tushar, Mohit and Manoj, entertained audiences after a surprise show. They performed in many countries of the world, including Indonesia, Thailand, Oman, Germany, Cambodia, and they have met the Marine Award and the Madel of Magic World.

The second presentation in the program is through the sand. Kaushik took stories, everyone was left watching, he carved various states of the country through symbols. After that he gave a passionate message of women empowerment and daughter saved through his art. He won the hearts of everyone by writing Dr. MSG and I Love You MSG on the bike.

Prahlad Acharya, who came to present the third presentation, showed his shine by showing the art of shadow art. Prahlad Acharya praised the various animals and people in a very emotional manner, he brought the various states and artists of the country on the screen by giving a spectacular presentation on the song 'Mile sur mera tumhare'. Visiting every color of the art, the audience saw the talent of Art and Craft by artists came from Uttrakhand, in which the artistry of paper made artistic design and skill fully made decorations.

After that, the audience got to see the magic once again on the stage. TV show like B Boss, Bharat Banega Mancha and more than 5000 magical shows, magician Hassan Rizvi, after a series of magic acts, forced the audience to press their fingers under their teeth. The colorful pigeon was removed, the girl swinging in the air, putting the girl in the cage and setting fire on it, laying her on the sword and giving her such wonderful performance.

In the sequel to the next episode of the program, the magic of pen punk came on stage, with speed painter Amit Verma, who won the hearts of all by creating three presets after one click on the canvas in a few minutes. First of all he made two images of Parampita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj and then Dr. MSG. In a few minutes, everyone was surprised to see the picture on the canvas. At the conclusion of the program, Dr. MSG interacted to fans. He answered the audience's questions in the style of 'Jattu Engineer', the character of Sangat Singh. 

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