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We all have a spirited enthusiasm for watching movies of various varieties. We have experienced the comic ones, romantic hits, the classics and even the flops to the core which we so disgust upon. So guys, today’s hint is about a movie which, before releasing into the film market, was expected to gain massive attention from the ‘masala-loving’ Indian crowd as it was a replica of a Hollywood hit. An astonishing fact was that the tickets were being sold like hot-cakes . You can always visit Bookmyshow Coupons at GrabOn to book your show at the best price.

An absolute mirror movie directed to the already successful hit in the year 2011, bestowed by thundering applause because of a crisp plot in the market, the film ‘Warrior’ was exploded with charisma, but here stands the reflection, the mirror I was talking about, a film named ‘Brothers’, released in the year 2015, was it as magnetizing as Warrior?

This question may better not be asked as the crowds are already mad about spending on their tickets. People spent crores of rupees, on not just the tickets, but also the popcorn which turned down to be a complete ruin after watching the ‘overdramatic’ sensation by leading actors- Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra. The monotonous aroma of one primary grief stricken situation where the father of David and Monty, Mr. Gary Fernandez, murders his own wife accidentally and that sparks fire, so radiant, that both the brothers cry out loud on the stage after they realize that the hatred was finally blown off. Accepting to the trivial fact that the plot of both movies is almost similar, then boosting out with dozens of extra emotions on screen where Brothers is considered, didn’t display water bursting from the audience’s eyes which was expected on the cast’s side. Frankly speaking, after watching that overflown dramatization, I wasn’t flabbergasted at all by the intimate relationship of both brothers, but was in tears myself because of the sarcastic sympathy I had to donate. Apart from this, projecting that young Monty inside the ring was also a diet which many couldn’t digest. Hence, Mr. Director Karan Malhotra, please do not get the hang of Ekta Kapoor serials which squirt emotions throughout.
Directing minds towards the ‘Mixed martial arts’ fighting scenes where in Brendan and Tommy, the big brother and the little bad brother of father, Nick Nolte, enact merciless fights amongst their opponents, which displayed a decent cinematographic view in the eyes of audience, Brothers had no such elementary knowledge of camera placements while shooting the cell scenes. One such fight which poked my brain was that of Monty, gaining a triumph over his very first opponent. That scene taken has no such basic view of how Monty punched his rival’s face and believe me, it was with such proliferating pace, that I couldn’t calculate on what exactly happened.

In the film Brothers, pointers such as the ones elaborated above, aren’t just the minute things which were problematic to customers while watching, but also stuff related to acting was a major displeasure on the faces of such audiences. Akshay Kumar is one of the leading and most skillful actors Bollywood industry has produced and no doubt, that even in a film like Brothers, his acting was a remarkable one to cherish for, solely because of squeezing out the ‘over-acting’ which actors project rarely. And shifting attention onto the 2nd lead, Sidharth Malhotra, ‘over-acting’ is a disgraced word for an actor of such standards as he demonstrated mere ‘faceless’ expressions with no sense of even a displeasure on his rugged faced look. I’m sure that his younger role which was played by a child artist was a more blissful signature to the role played as Monty.

To the conclusion, I would suggest you not to lay prejudice onto the already well experienced movies, keeping in mind that the replicas would turn out to be a similar joyride, check out the reviews firstly and then hop your minds on buying tickets.

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Sawan is a sports enthusiast and has interests related to political controversies as well as entertainment on the other hand.

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