A dozen reasons why Barefoot to Goa needs to be shown in theatres across India

Barefoot to Goa, Profit Sharing, Refundable Crowd Funding model, award winning indie film, directed by Praveen Morchhale

After many months of preparation, the makers of Barefoot to Goa have come up with an innovative Profit Sharing and Refundable Crowd Funding model for the theatrical release of the feature film. Having already created ripples at film festivals across the world, its real journey to theatres across India is about to begin. It's your opportunity to own the film Barefoot to Goa. For details, click here.

We give you a dozen reasons why Barefoot to Goa, directed by Praveen Morchhale, needs to be shown in theatres across India:

  1. Barefoot to Goa is a social commentary on the great rural-urban divide in India that brilliantly depicts the dichotomy between the two Indias and the manner in which their inhabitants think, behave, act, and live.
  2. The movie closely examines the three different stages of the human life-cycle viz. childhood, middle-age and dotage, and celebrates the innocence of the young, mocks the indifference of the grown-ups, and mourns the loneliness of the old.
  3. The film serves to be a thought-provoking parable on the moribund human bonds in a fast-paced world.
  4. As an exemplum of our urban society's moral and cultural decadence, Barefoot to Goa is a warning that poignantly highlights the futility of life and death.
  5. The movie brilliantly touches upon several complex motifs that deal with life and humanity at large and is full of hope for the whole of mankind
  6. Barefoot to Goa harks back to the 1955 Satyajit Ray masterpiece Pather Panchali in that it too revolves around two young siblings who experience loss of innocence while struggling to come to terms with the hard realities of life.
  7. Morchhale's bold move to make non-actors play pivotal roles in the movie reminds one of Italian Neorealist gems like Bicycle Thieves.
  8. Barefoot to Goa may very well prove to be the crowning jewel of the new avant-garde movement in Hindi cinema.
  9. The movie is a profound work of cinema that needs to be watched by everyone who loves and admires filmmaking that’s both honest and pristine.
  10. Barefoot to Goa can be deemed brilliant on both the technical and emotional fronts despite the budget constraints that one often associates with an indie feature film.
  11. The film has minimal dialogue and mostly relies on its powerful imagery to convey the message to the audience
  12. Barefoot to Goa serves as a cathartic experience for those on the lookout for something to soothe their senses and offers plenty of food for thought for the intelligent viewer.

Barefoot to Goa (2013) Trailer 

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