Imran PK: The ace singer making a strong name in his realm

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Everything around us has moved online in the time that we live in. Through social media platforms, a lot of information has been shared, including all the major news, the most recent updates, viral videos, reels, stories, etcetera. Millions of individuals today are unable to live without social media and are active on a variety of social media platforms. The world has moved closer to the age of digitization as a result of the inventions and developments that have taken place over the last few decades. The entertainment industry has expanded dramatically in recent years. With new energy and creative ideas, many new influencers have set a strong foothold in the industry. Amidst that, Imran PK is one such influencer and singer who has paved his way to the top by bringing in fresh energy and innovative ideas.

Imran Khan who is famously known as Imran PK, always had a creative mind and had the urge to showcase that side to the world. Thus, he started posting content on social media that includes fun videos, photographs, singing videos and a lot of other things. This helped him gain a lot of followers and increased traction on his profiles. Eventually, in 2017 Imran became a pretty famous influencer. He then decided to explore his childhood interest, singing and started experimenting with tunes and lyrics.

They say that things you put in your 100 per cent do give you a positive result. The same happened with Imran Khan, he worked day and night towards his music that included practice sessions, vocal improvement and whatnot. All this resulted in him scoring tie-ups with great music producers and one by one his bangers were released. In a few days his two songs, G-wagon and Black Listed will also be released, Imran PK’s fans are looking forward to this release.

Imran Khan has always had a strong inclination for the entertainment industry. He started his amazing adventure into the entertainment industry after receiving his diploma, and he hasn't looked back since. As a multi-talented professional, he has carved out a distinct identity and market for himself. His content creation, songs, videos, and collaborations have garnered him numerous honours. Content, in Imran's opinion, is still the most important aspect of every video, interview, story, or project. Modern viewers are savvy enough to search for relevant content and disregard anything which does not appeal to them. Therefore, he never stops learning and always tries to deliver the best content. His future plans include gaining more popularity and releasing songs that tops the charts.

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