Decode Word to Screen: An opportunity for Writers to make it to the Big Screen

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Diorama International Film Festival & Bazaar continues to be a pioneer in the Indian storytelling space. Storymarket @ Diorama at Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi is proving to be a game changer. Are you a Storywriter? or a Filmmaker looking for great stories? The workshop provided an opportunity for Writers to make it to the Big Screen, with Two Major Indian Publishing houses, An Author, and A Filmmaker.

The key is to help overcome challenges for one and all.

Challenges of Authors

1. How to crack the maze of the book to the box office despite being in a job or part-time authorship?

2. How this book adaptation trend affects contemporary authors?

Challenges of Publishers

1. How do evaluate the content that publishers have?

2. What kind of preparations do publishers have to do before approaching production houses /content creators?

3. How to approach the production houses or content creators?

Challenges of Film Makers / Production Houses

1. Apart from the quality content what other things do production houses /content creators look for in the author?

2. What kind of hopes do you have for the books/Authors in near future? How do you see it? How important will be the books for scripts in tinsel town?

3. When you adapt the book for the film/web series, How this adaptation makes your work easier?

Readers, please feel free to share your opinion by leaving your comments. As always your valuable thoughts are highly appreciated 

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