The Embassy of Italy in New Delhi and the Italian Cultural Centre host 'Italian Doc Remix' Concert

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The Embassy of Italy in New Delhi and the Italian Cultural Centre recently hosted a live concert -- ITALIAN DOC REMIX - LOVE SONGS -- with Francesco Pellegrino (vocal); Marco Cappelli (classical guitar, electric guitar and mandolin); Roberto Schiano (trombone); and Jime Pugliese (drums and marimba).

IDR (Italian Doc Remix) was founded by Italian-born guitarist and composer Marco Cappelli and American-born percussionist Jim Pugliese. The group made its debut at NYC’s Issue Project Room back in 2004. After connecting with the finest of New York’s Downtown Improvisers, Marco Cappelli organized an all-star ensemble to produce the group’s critically-acclaimed 2008 debut, which featured Marc Ribot and DJ Logic.

IDR’s music reflects the process of the immigrants' memory’s distortion from the second generation on, say Cappelli and Pugliese. “This is what happens by living in the New York cultural melting pot with a strong traditional background; IDR’s music is at the same time far from the original source – for geographic, chronological and cultural reasons – and full of tradition’s elements. IDR’s music is impossible to fit in any conventional standard.”…This music is about connection: the connection to one’s culture as well as the merging of styles of different cultures and centuries…There is alchemy here, a magical blend that emerges… - Suzanne Fiol (Issue Project Room founder, NYC)

Love Songs is a portfolio of love songs in Neapolitan language sung by tenor Francesco Pellegrino. All the songs, re-interpreted, are from the antique, classic and contemporary traditions of Naples.

The event was held on Saturday 24th September 2022 at the C.D. Deshmukh Auditorium, India International Centre.

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