Watch Boomer Manish Malhotra being introduced to millennial lingo by Kusha Kapila, Ankush Bahuguna, Aashna Shroff & Santu Mishra

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Not knowing millennial lingo gives a lot of people FOMO these days. Oh! We mean “fear of missing out”. There is nothing cuter than the boomer generation struggling to understand the millennial lingo and that is exactly what we see in the recent BTS video of Myntra Fashion Superstar Season 3 streaming on Voot where Manish Malhotra is seen getting acquainted to new terms by Kusha Kapila, Ankush Bahuguna, Aashna Shroff and Santu Misra.

Manish was seen asking the meaning of Chuggi to which Kusha mentioned that millennials called the older people boomers and now Gen Z refer to them as ‘Chuggis’. Manish then called himself a boomer while Kusha refers to herself as Gen Z.

The conversations between the panelists moved to everyone’s favorite topic, food! Manish in a candid moment revealed that he loves Bhindi to which Kusha mentioned that she’s a fan of it too! Manish then went on to mention that it’s just a Punjabi thing!

Speaking about learning millennial lingo, Manish Malhotra said, “Spending time shooting alongside the lively panel of Myntra Fashion Superstar, I have learned the millennial lingo and can now be categorized as Gen Z. Some of the slangs I picked up during the show are hilarious and apt for certain situations.”

Manish Malhotra who is a panelist on Myntra Fashion Superstar Season 3 was recently seen hosting a Diwali dinner at his residence as he was joined by Janhvi Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan. To watch Manish try his hands on the millennial language, tune-in to Myntra Fashion Superstar Season 3.

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