Disney+ Hotstar’s first Telugu special Unheard explores the common man’s perspective from the pivotal period of India’s Independence struggle

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Is a common man’s belief system enough to change the fate of a country? Disney+ Hotstar forays into the Telugu market with Hotstar Specials presents Unheard. The unique storytelling of Unheard explores a series of six conversations on opposing philosophies during the pivotal period of India’s history. One-of-a-kind series follows the lives of five characters that try to seek themselves and their role as India struggles to be born as a nation. The state of Hyderabad sets the stage for unusual conversations around seeking independence from not just the British but also the Nizam and the significant amalgamation of Hyderabad became an integral priority for the common folk of the city. Offering an unmatched entertainment viewing experience, Unheard will be available on 17th September exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

Produced by Radhika Lavu of Ellanar Films, the distinctive storytelling and direction by Aditya KV in Unheard opens the world to the unknown and unusual conversations that turned them into radicals who would sacrifice their lives for freedom. Independent India was taking shape in these conversations around crucial instances like the Chauri Chaura episode, non-cooperation movement, Hyderabad’s Nizam’s failed effort to join Pakistan post-independence and many more. Recreating the passion of these common men and women who take the plunge and commit to their belief system is the talented ensemble cast including actors Srinivas AvasaralaBaladityaChandani ChowdaryPriyadarshi, and Ajay. The music is composed by Naresh Kumaran, sung by the Kaala Bhairava, and the lyrics are penned by Krishna Kanth (KK)

Talking about creating Unheard, producer Radhika Lavu said, “There is a growing concern that in today’s highly mediated world, a simple conversation is becoming a thing of the past. ‘Unheard’ is our attempt to bring back the essence of conversations shared and topics we explore are about freedom, sacrifice, community, country etc. Even though our characters have strong beliefs and ideologies, what’s exciting is that they are evolved enough to understand and appreciate different perspectives which has become a rare find in today’s world.”

Director of the conversational series Aditya KV said, “We are what we think and Unheard brings to you the thoughts of the men and women who have forged this country through their sheer will. As a conversational series, Unheard tries to serve a complex cerebral cuisine in the most simplistic visual form.”


Unheard is about a series of six conversations, each of which is structured over opposing philosophies during a pivotal period in India’s history. None of the characters know what the future holds for India but they defend their belief system with absolute certainty that their “commitment to their cause” will lead to a brighter tomorrow.

~Watch the untold, unknown stories from the backdrop of independence and the city of Hyderabad come to life on 17th September in Unheard, coming only on Disney+ Hotstar~

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