Actor Siddharth confesses to being a germophobe

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Dealing with the new normal has not been easy for the film industry. Ever since shoots have resumed, several actors have contracted coronavirus. Actor Siddharth Suryanarayan shared how actors are the most vulnerable on sets and how the shoot crew ensures actors remain safe.

Siddharth shared, “It’s very difficult to make films in general. It’s even more difficult to make films in a pandemic. We are dependent on our producers and technical crew for our protection making safety the highest priority. Thankfully, I’m still shooting Covid-free so they are obviously doing a good job.” He added “I’ve been prepared for the pandemic even before it happened. I’ve been carrying a sanitiser with me for the last 15 years, since becoming an actor. I am a germophobe so personal hygiene is very important to me. I make sure that irrespective of whether I look good or not, atleast I am hygienic.”

The actor, who has given stellar performances in Rang De Basanti, Boys and Aruvam, posted an action-packed campaign video on Sunday, 8th August. Heis seen playing a doctor for Cinthol Health Plus, where he crosses the harshest obstacles to reach his patient and save lives. The video truly captures the difficulties doctors faced during the pandemic, both in their personal and professional lives.

The actor wrote on Instagram, “Whatever the Challenge, I'm up for it. With @godrejcinthol Health + I'm always prepared. Thrilled to share my first film as #Cinthol Brand Ambassador. It stands for what I believe in. #HaiTaiyaarHum #AamThayaarNaam #sidhamgaunnamu”

Siddharth has also become the brand ambassador for Cinthol Health+ soap. Popularly known for being strong, daring and honest, the actor is the perfect choice for the brand, which stands for fearless protection. The actor shared, “I only endorse products that I use or have nostalgic and emotional connections with. Cinthol is a brand that I have been using since years. I have great expectations from this association since both of us stand for a lot of the same things.”

Siddharth also encouraged his peers to go for shoots by stating, “Entertainment industry has been highly impacted because of COVID-19, since we are not a necessity. Hence, a lot of people’s livelihoods have been affected. I always ensure I go to shoots, taking precautions, because every time we shoot, 100s of people get employment. I hope we can survive in the new normal and continue to make good quality films while staying safe.”

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