Online Gaming in the Times of Pandemic

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The global pandemic has changed the world in an unprecedented manner. For the very first time since the birth of the Internet, the human population at large has been forced to live indoors for months on the trot. And while the situation is gradually improving the world over the threat of deadlier second waves continues to linger. One really wonders how one would have coped with it 20 years ago when the Internet access was very little? But thanks to the truly revolutionary technology, we are in a much better shape to deal with the lockdown and stay connected now.

We can read e-books, listen to concerts, watch films based on our preference and with a host of live-streaming platforms offering fresh web series and films, or play games online. As a matter of fact, as I am growing bored of watching content online, I have found refuge in the world of online gaming. Unlike with the content on OTT, gaming never gets boring and/or repetitive and one can keep oneself engaged for as long as one wants.

The world of gaming is an entire world of its own. It's very indulging, alluring and offers some of the most intriguing entertainment. But how did I get here? What is it about gaming that makes the past time seem so uniquely fascinating? Well, for me, it was sheer happenstance. After a rather sluggish binge watch session, I was looking for something exciting just to put me in the mood. And fortunately I stumbled upon a few cool gaming sites. Just as the famous Rumi saying goes: “What You Seek is Seeking You.”  

A screengrab of Footstar
A screengrab of Footstar

Now, I like my games to be diverse. While I like sports, I also like action, thrill, and intrigue. And from time to time I also like puzzle based games as they keep me thinking all the time. One of my favorite games these days is soccer puzzle game called Footstar on which I just can’t stop playing. Not only is it fun to play but it is also cerebral and I like my games to be just that. Footstar offers a total of 30 levels and what’s best is that one can play the levels sequentially or in any order one likes. At any time in the game one can go back to a level one has already played. Also, the levels are not time. The key is to select the right angle and the right strength. One can click on the restart level button in the upper right corner if the ball got stuck or one selected the wrong angle.

A screengrab of Mr Bullet
A screengrab of Mr Bullet

While there are so many games to play from, another game that I particularly like is Mr Bullet. Again it’s one of those games that are not just about fun to play but also requires one to think. Mr Bullet is essentially a shooting game which shows how bullets can bounce off objects or move objects. The game comes with a cool slow motion feature when the bullet strikes targets. The game has 40 levels and every time one must strike opponents or objects at desired angles so that it then ricochets into opponents.

At a time when the pandemic has badly shaken the world, it is paramount to keep oneself entertained at all times. So whether it’s reading, binge-watching, listening to music, playing games or any other means of engagement what’s important is to keep oneself in high spirits round the clock.    

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