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Divyenndu is all set to again treat his fans with an amazing performance as Munna Tripathi in Mirzapur’s Season 2. Video snippets of his role in the trailer and more have already taken over the internet worldwide! Fans are enthralled and can’t wait to watch his complete performance in the cult series. As the enthusiasm levels keep rising, we bring for you an interesting story. It’s no secret that for Divyenndu, his craft is what keeps him going and he believes in absolute hard work, but one thing that you aren’t aware of is his favourite motivational quote! Read on to find out.

Divyenndu shares his work mantra and how it has helped him play the role of a challenging and emotionally volatile character of Munna Tripathi. Smiling all the time, the talented actor shared, “I follow a couple of simple rules. The first and foremost rule is to work hard. Secondly, it's important to have conviction in whatever you do. One must always do his homework and avoid shortcuts! I follow the famous saying -- Pain is temporary and Films are forever! I believe in giving my best and I did the same for Munna Tripathi as well. It has been an amazing experience!

Divyenndu adds that it was challenging to meet the expectations of the viewers because of Munna Tripathi’s role in season one earned a lot of praise from viewers worldwide. Fans have hailed him for his impeccable performance and persistence. He wanted to give back to the audience for all the love that they have showered and he has ensured to have weaved his character on the same lines as well. There will be an added depth to Munna’s moral compasses with a twist in the plot, as the Mirzapur canvas gets bigger this season! Can't wait to watch this one!  

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