Top 5 Jackie Chan’s best stunt performances in movies

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Through the streets, between the skyscrapers, train-top fights, flying down from an umbrella, hanging from helicopters, buses, trees, walls, and do note, clock hands as well. Chasing, escaping, fleeing away, Jackie Chan, always on the run, with his evergreen stunts, peculiar comedy, and silly jokes, has continued to win hearts of all. Chan is known for performing his own stunts and is revered by today’s stars for action packed sequences. Also known for some of the most complex fight scenes and choreography, Chan has risked his life time and again for the sake of perfection and of course, entertainment. He is, hands down, in the top handful of martial artist to have ever lived. 

While it's difficult to rate his stunts, here is an attempt to list down his five best stunt performances in movies.

Clock Tower Fall in Project A

Chan hangs from the hands of a clock and with no safety harness, he takes a direct fall from the top of the clock tower through a two storeysand onto the ground.In the scene, just after the fall, which was shot as naturally as it seems, Chan is seen, with much dapper, delivering a silly joke. With ton of wild action, this movie is a sheer delight for all action lovers and you can catch it airing on Star Movies at 9.00PM on 15th July 2019.You can check out the stunt here.

Snowboarding onto a helicopter in Police Story 4

While almost all of Jackie Chan’s movies have some or the other extreme stunts, in the Police Story 4: The First Strike, Jackie Chan brought snowboarding to a new level and is seen taking it down a slope and onto a helicopter at such ease. You can check out the stunt here.

Wall Jump in Armor of God

This wild entertaining action comedy and adventure features one of Jackie’s craziest stunts. Here, he jumped from a wall on a tree and took hold of the branches which broke and he was crushed on the rocks underneath. This stunt almost killed him; he had a fractured skull and was taken to hospital for brain surgery. The movie offers some of the loved action comedy by Chan and you can watch it soon on Star Movies at 9.00PM on 22ndJuly 2019.You can check out the stunt here

Building slide in Who Am I?

In Who Am I, action film co-written and co-directed by Chan himself, the actor slides down a 21-storey skyscraper with no safety harness. And though he did execute it so brilliantly and seamlessly, he injured himself in the ankle.You can check out the stunt here.

Hanging from the Helicopter

Well, why limit just to helicopters. Jackie Chan has hung himself from buses, buildings, clock hands, poles, and what not. Packed with insane action and stunts, Supercop, in one of the chasing scenes, had Chan jump off a building and onto a rope-ladder hanging down a helicopter. And just like most of his stunts, this one as well was with no safety and he managed to pull it off with utmost brilliance. You can check out the stunt here.

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