With His Witty One Liners, Vipul Goyal Proves That He Is The King Of Dialogues

With the launch of the second instalment of Humorously Yours, actor and comedian Vipul Goyal proves that he not only the king of comedy, but dialogues as well. As the audience got the glimpse of what is coming their way through the trailer of the show, the web-series stands true to what it promised.  Along with entertaining the viewers with his phenomenal performance in the show, Vipul takes the whole series a notch higher with his impeccable comic timing and prowess when it comes to penning down his thoughts.
Actor, comedian and writer of the web-series, Vipul Goyal, who nailed it in Humorously Yours 2 with his rib tickling dialogues shared, “While writing dialogues for the web-series, our only criteria was to keep it real. People will only relate to a scene or a dialogue when they believe in it and it cannot be done until you keep it real. We are catering to such a smarter set of audience today who have thousands of options in front of them when it comes to entertaining content. The only option we creators have is to offer a gripping storyline supported by strong dialogues which makes it worth the viewer’s time. We are constantly trying to live up to their expectations and keep coming up with more such quality content”.

Vipul further added, I try to pick content from my daily experiences, incidents and for the show we ensured that we would stay true to the characters and will maintain the basic natures of these characters. As a creator you always try to be honest while putting in the hard work.”
Humorously Yours 2 is a continuation of its first installment where protagonist Vipul Goyal, once a struggling comedian, becomes a whole lot busier as he tastes success. The 4 episodes witness his journey to deal with the temptations that follow his new-found fame.
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