From fruit games to online slot machines

Learning how it all started and how technology has affected the development of slot machines is something that all fans should know in order to understand the inherent value of the current slot games. Gaming on the internet has evolved rapidly, learn more about it as we take a journey through time in this article.


In the end of the 19th century in the US two men in Brooklyn established the first slot machine, which included 50 card faces withheld by five drums. Charles Fey, an engineer living in San Francisco took this machine on a different level, by adding the reels that are still apparent in today’s slots.
The idea of Fey was maintained throughout the first half of the 20th century, with a few variations taking place, until the first electromechanical slot machine got devised in 1963.

The Fruit Machine

It wasn’t surprising that slot machines were employed in bars, pubs and cigar places across the whole world; in the UK the symbols included a variety of fruits, like watermelon, cherries, bananas etc.
This was the reason that the name ‘fruit machine’ was devised to describe this particular slot machine type, which is used till this day. Their popularity never actually decreased, retaining their loyal fans who still play them fanatically both online and offline.

Las Vegas

In the US gambling was and still is illegal in many cities and states, thus, Las Vegas was devised as the home of casinos – drawing millions of fans from across the world till this day.
Despite the casinos, this city is full of clubs, bars, fancy hotels and restaurants – which are all featured in some of the best movies as well.
Slot machines were and still are the biggest part of the casinos there, which offer players huge jackpots that draw more and more visitors every year.

Video online Slots

As it is expected technology affected slot machines greatly; 60s and 70s saw slot machines turning electric before the 80s, while the first video slot machine was developed in Las Vegas the following decade.
Video slots allowed for much more possibilities, which eventually led us to where we are today. Fruit machines are just a small part of the spectrum of the various slot machines available for players.
As the Internet became popular, software was developed to protect from scammers and the digital world opened a new avenue for slots.

Mobile Slots

As tablets and smartphones became popular and widely used by many people, slot games were modified to cater for each customer’s needs. Today, players are able to experience their favourite slot game in any device from any place they want.

As you must have noticed if you have read so far, slot machines have come a long way. Players must remember though that indifferently of the gameplay or the format that they prefer to play a slot game the features that were apparent in the initial models, such as reels, payouts and luck are still there in the most recent versions.
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