Mithila Palkar at Actor Prepares

A Potpourri of Vestiges Feature

Filmfare award winning actress Mithila Palkar was guest lecturer at Anupam Kher’s famous school - Actor Prepares. Known for her characters in the hit TV series Girl in the City and Netflix's Little Things, the actor interacted with the students sharing her journey and experience of acting. With a few web series, countless videos, some TV commercials and just one Hindi film role, Mithila's face has become the representation of an urban Indian woman. 

A major digital influencer, Mithila’s philosophy of ‘keeping it real’ has struck a chord amongst the youth making her a true millennial icon. Motivating and guiding the students, the actress shared insights with the students about her methodology, her journey with the Thespo theatre group ,the difference in performing on stage and in front of the camera and about the various roles she has essayed and challenges that came with and how she overcame them.

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