Sachin Tendulkar engages in a social media conversation with close friend, Anil Kapoor as Netflix announces the date for the returning series for the decisive next chapter

For once, it was a case of ‘god proposes and man disposes’ as Sachin Tendulkar took to Twitter, wondering when Selection Day would return for its second innings on Netflix. Sachin was responded to by Bollywood legend and Selection Day’s producer, Anil Kapoor, who hinted in typical fashion that the show will be ‘ekdum jhakaas’ (absolutely amazing). Netflix then announced that the show will start streaming on the service on April 22, 2019. The full exchange can be seen below:

Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Kapoor have shared a long-standing close bond, where they have followed each other’s careers and have also maintained a personal bond. Sachin also met the lead actors of Selection Day, Md. Samad, who plays Manju and Yash Dholye, who plays Radha, before the release of Part 1, when he invited them to his home and spoke with them about their experience, and offered them advice on following their dreams.

Selection Day: Part 2 will follow the story of protagonists, Manju and Radha, 2 brothers who come to Mumbai to follow their cricketing dream. Part 1 of the show started streaming on Netflix on December 28, 2018 and set up the sequence of events that will lead up to the titular selection day.

Will Manju follow his own path or will he get selected on Selection Day? Watch Selection Day: Part 2 on Netflix. All episodes streaming from April 22, 2019.

About Selection Day
Fourteen-year-old Manju is destined for cricket greatness. There’s only one problem, he hates cricket. Controlled from a young age by his overbearing and cricket-obsessed father, Manju’s main role in life is to support his older brother and fellow cricket star, Radha. When the family moves to Mumbai and the brothers start at a new school, Manju discovers his interests outside of cricket and starts slipping away from Radha and his father’s grasp. More importantly, Manju becomes friends with Radha’s greatest cricket rival, a boy who is the very definition of freedom and confidence - concepts Manju has never experienced himself.

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