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The film industry has dominated the entertainment sector all over the world since the introduction of film. Movies cut across all areas of interest because prowess in acting can be shown in a variety of genres. Whether you love adventure, drama or sports, you can be sure that your preferences are well taken care of. If you are a lover of sports movies, then you must have noticed the energy and muscles of the athletes. Most of them use legit steroids like sustanon 300 to gain and maintain such powerful muscles. So, let us have a look at the best sports movies of all time so that you can set aside time to watch them.

1. Victory
The name says it all; this movie is based on a contest. The Brazilian soccer star Pele plans to escape from the hands of the Germans in the WWII period, and his only hope is to make sure that his team wins. Pele does not disappoint and takes the Nazis by surprise as they thought that the South Americans were newbies in the game. You need to watch this for more exciting scenes.

2. Rudy
This sports movie graced screens in 1993 and has been in the hearts of many to this date. Even though the scenes are purely fictional, any sports movie lover will be thrilled by all the inspirational scenes. It covers a story of determination, hard work and heroism that has actually motivated many sports enthusiasts. If you pay attention, the director David Anspaugh has a significant lesson to share.

3. Any Given Sunday
Most people may have argued that the director Oliver Stone was not the right guy to work on a football blockbuster. However, this movie from the 90s tells the story of Miami football giants and the struggles they faced. If you love movies where Jamie Foxx is featured, then this is your show as you watch him act in the usual comic scenes.

4. Bend It Like Beckham
This is a millennial sports film, and you can expect nothing less than great scenes and images. The movie revolves around the struggles Jess goes through to reconcile her Indian traditions with finding a place in the national soccer team in Britain. Her mother believes such a sport is not the best thing for her daughter, but the influence from her role model – David Beckham – is so strong. Jess gets assistance from a local coach in order to see her dream come true.

5. The Natural
This is another sports blockbuster from the 80s. It is about baseball, a sport that has been admired by many people. It is based on a story about one-time legend Roy Hobbs, who has disappeared from the public for reasons only known to him. Now that he is back, his dream is to make it up to the world. He is quick to get contracts with the big teams. He is now willing to win by any means and make a name for the teams he is working for. This kind of determination is what should attract sports fans and athletes to watch the movie.

6. The Wrestler
Wrestling superstars are always thought of as people who can only fight rather than engage in sports. By the time Mickey, nicknamed The Ram, gets tired of losing every time he wrestles, he is a shadow of his former self. Director Darren Aronofsky wanted to show the audience the contrast of the incorporation of wrestling with sports.

7. The Endless Summer
Although the movie is now many decades old, the impact it left during its time cannot be underestimated. It revolves around surfing on the California beach and other beaches around the world. Reports indicated that most youngsters wanted to do exactly what they saw in this movie. This is a story of a duo of wave chasing youngsters who are determined to stay away from winter by visiting a place where summer is on. Their skills in chasing the waves combined with their charismatic character is what makes the movie even more interesting especially for teens.

8. Murderball
With such an interesting title, people are left to imagine what this sports themed movie will be like. A team of sports enthusiasts wants to compete in a unique way that most people could not guess: wheelchair rugby. This is a ruthless duel between teams from the USA and their neighbors in Canada. The players consider themselves to be mighty athletes with the power and energy win. No one is ready to lose by any means.

9. Friday Night Lights
This sports movie is a great mixture of drama and sports. It revolves around youngsters and high-school students in Texas. Another great thing about the movie is that it shows scenes shot by handheld cameras while others scenes are professionally shot. This is not by chance because Peter Berg’s intention is to make the movie look as real as possible. After all, the movie portrays life that revolves around high-school football stars.

10. Senna
Probably, this is one of the latest and most watched sports movies today. Ayrton Senna was a Brazilian Formula One driver who rocked fans in the 80s and 90s. However, his life came to an end in 1994 during a tournament at the San Marino Grand Prix.  Now is the best time to watch and learn his story through this 2010 movie. The story is based on exact events during his life including the enmity between Senna and a French driver. The movie also portrays him as a happy person who had a great passion for safety, although the sponsoring companies never cared much about the safety of racers.

Movies are a great way to be entertained by any genre of your choice. As a sports enthusiast, now you have a list of top-ten sports themed movies of all time. It is not too late to watch them now if they are available from your local store. Also, some online platforms will allow you to watch these movies. If you are an athlete, you had better watch them all.

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