12 Ways To Save Big And Spend Less At A Movie Theater

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After a long and tired week, relaxing on weekend is must. Meeting friends over for a delightful dinner or going over for movie dates are absolutely refreshing. The much needed two hours of escape from all the stress you had is a welcome relief. The buttery popcorn, chilled coke and a perfect movie is all about it. But, here comes the problem - pricey movie tickets!!! Well no worries. You can still get it as per your budget. The only thing you need to do is get the best of the savings via discounts, deals and coupons.

Movie ticket prices may go up and down. It depends on the movie, show times, day you are planning to go, and many other factors. Don’t worry, you can still watch as per your budget. Here are the 13 best tips to save money while booking tickets.

1. Get Cashback

People get attracted to cashback. Paying for movie tickets and getting rewarded via cashback is the way to savings. Even if you can’t get any discounts on movie tickets, earning cashback is a big thing. Grab the best of the offers with bookmyshow coupon code.

2. Timing is very important

Go for a movie on weekday rather than on weekends. We all know movie over a weekend is good, but saving a few bucks is even better. Save your hard earned money and book a weekday movie screening.

3. Outdoor movie screening

There are always free movie screenings happening in the city, usually for a social gathering. But some movie companies set up free screenings for a select set of audience for promotional purposes. Of course, you can watch those free of cost!

4. Monthly movie passes

Like the usual subscription passes, you also get movie subscription passes over a month. Subscribe only if you’re a movie-freak! These movie passes offer discount every time you book a ticket.

5. Loyalty programs

Some of the theaters offer loyalty and reward programs for the customers. These include the discounts, free tickets, buy one get one offers, free munching, cashbacks and much more.

6. Drive-ins

After spending a hot summer day enjoying a late night movie in your cozy ride and munching on your favorite snacks is the perfect getaway! Guess what? Drive-ins come at a much cheaper price and if luck favors, you might even end up with a free ticket. Go for a drive-in, the next time you want to catch a movie.

7. 3D, Big-screens and Premium seats

Watching a movie in luxury feels good, but is it a must every time? Some spectacular movies deserve a 3D viewing, but for others 2D sounds about fine. Not all movies require a 3D viewing and you can save considerable amount of money not opting for premium seats and bigger screens. For a two hours movie, normal seats does a fair job.

8. Group deals

Its always fun to watch a movie with a group of friends. There are some coupons websites and theaters which encourage bulk bookings of tickets for lesser cost.

9. Its all about cards

Gift cards are good gifting options these days. Movie reward cards brings you best options for savings. Even your debit and credit cards bring you a lot of deals. There are various offers specified for every bank merchant.

10. Membership

Enroll yourself in various memberships and websites which offer discounts for the members. Every time you login as a prime customer, you will be treated with all the special discounts customized for you. And most of the websites offer free sign-up and some goodies.

11. Mid-week offers

As there are some days in a week where the movie ticket price get slashed down, mostly during middle ofthe week. Do utilize the special mid week offers as it will not burn a hole in your wallet.

12. BOGO

Buy one get one (BOGO) is all about getting extra pampered. There are lots of coupons available offering buy one get one. Get two tickets for the cost of one. If you are looking for most savings BOGO has the best deals.

Enjoy the movies with more savings than earlier by following the few tips stated above. Save smart for the better movie experience. Do you have any such ingenious tips and tricks to save more while booking tickets? Feel free to share them with us.

Readers, please feel free to share your opinion by leaving your comments. As always your valuable thoughts are highly appreciated!  

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