'The Island City' will reveal the alienated lives of the people from Mumbai

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The Island City, Ruchika Oberoi, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Amruta Subhash, vinay pathak

Ruchika Oberoi's directorial debut 'Island City' that had its world premiere at the 72nd Venice Film Festival 2015 won FEDEORA (Federation of film critics of Europe and the Mediterranean) award for best Debut Director. Apart from wearing Director's hat, she is the writer of the film too. She told in a press conference in Delhi: "When I started writing the film I thought its a commercial movie because it is a kind of black comedy. There are so many humorous scenes in the film that will make you die laughing".

Vinay Pathak known for his comic roles will play quite a boring character in the movie. "I am playing a life of a typical man in the film whose life has boring tales of stories, who gets lost in the world in search of fun".

The film also stars popular Marathi actress Amruta Subhash and Tannishtha Chatterjee. Tannishtha who have been a part of many off beat films, when asked if she wants to do a big banner commercial movie, she said: "My character in the film is no less than a commercial character. My story in the film is a love story. I dance around trees and have fantasies."
She further added: "A film is a film it depends on how connected you feel yourself to it. There are many big films where neither you not do the people connects and there are many off-beat films which does connect to the audiences and they enjoy watching it".

Talking about the poster of the film where Vinay is drowning in the water, Ruchika said: "We tried to give a featuristic feel to the poster. It depicts how a person gets lost in the space of Bombay in quest of exploring it. We have today become the Islands in ourselves. Our lives are separated and alienated and that is what I tried to portray in the film".

Amruta Subhash who was last seen in Raman Raghav thanked Ruchika and said: "I really grateful that Ruchika trusted in me and offered me the role. I have been part of Marathi cinema and always wanted to explore Bollywood, with this film I am making my entry to Bollywood".

The film is scheduled to release on September 2nd

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