Where Is HBO ?

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Ever since I was a kid, television has been an integral part of my life. It has been an omnipotent medium that has always helped me break out of my monotonous quotidian routines. I am sure many of you also feel the same. 1990s saw the advent of Cable TV in India, and, needless to say, our lives changed forever. For the first time we had the luxury to think beyond Doordarshan, for a whole new world of entertainment, hitherto unknown to us, was waiting to be explored. Of all the television channels offering international content, it is HBO that has always been my favorite and for more reasons that I can possibly remember. Among other things, it is HBO’s unique mix of content that has always stood out for me. And all these years, the channel, to its credit, has succeeded in its endeavor to consistently maintain the usual high standards that we have come to associate with it.

But today I have been a witness to a something quite usual. HBO India seems to have gone off the radar! I am afraid, no one knows anything about this sudden disappearance. As first I thought it be an oversight at my end but the hash tag #WhereIsHBO trending on Twitter has proven otherwise. What has led to this strange occurrence? It is a result of some technical malfunctioning? Or some evil hacker has unleashed his evil design? Or it’s a part of some rebranding gimmick, who knows? Well, the internet is rife with speculations but we are yet to find a reliable answer. Also, there hasn’t been any official statement from HBO. One wonders what’s gonna happen next!

As I am trying to come to terms with the sudden disappearance of HBO India, a strong sense of nostalgia seems to be getting the better of me. There are so many fond memories of HBO and it pains me to even think that it has gone off the radar, just like that. My gut feeling tells me that we haven’t seen the last of HBO India. All we can do at this point in time is hope that HBO’s disappearance is temporary and that it would soon be back with a bang.  I just can’t help but think of Edmond Dantes’ famous words from the Alexandre Dumas’ literary classic The Count of Monte Cristo: “Live, then, and be happy, beloved children of my heart, and never forget, that until the day God will deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is contained in these two words - Wait and Hope”. 

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