Hollywood beauties - What is secret of that - An Infographic

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Art and beauty go hand in hand. Many great writers have written very many memorable things about beauty. Russian great Fyodor Dostovesky had written in his literary masterpiece, The Idiot: "Beauty will save the world." Greek philosopher Plato had written: "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder." Speaking of beauty, it is almost impossible not to talk of feminine beauty. And it is a given that we speak of the Hollywood damsels whenever the subject of feminine beauty is broached up.

There are millions of fans of these Hollywood beauties the world over. The credit for their unparalleled popularity of course goes to their eternal beauty, among other things. Ever wondered what's the secret of their agelessness? Well, here is an in interesting infographic from shankara.com that tries to unravel their secrets.

Lo and Behold!

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