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An Invitation for Guest Articles for the movie blog "A Potpourri of Vestiges"
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I am happy to share with you that A Potpourri of Vestiges has recently crossed the landmark of 1.5 million (15,00,000) hits. 

2015 is turning out to be a remarkable year for my film blog. Apart from the recent milestone of 1.5 million hits, A Potpourri of Vestiges was recognized by Baggout.COM as the second best Bollywood blog in India in February 2015.

A Potpourri of Vestiges has been nominated for the 2015 BlogAdda Awards in the Entertainment niche. In the last year's BlogAdda Awards, the blog had got featured among the Top 5 blogs in the Entertainment niche. In May 2014, Indian top blogs featured the blog in its eclectically chosen Directory of Best Indian Blogs for the third consecutive year.

I would like to take the opportunity to put up an invite for guest articles on my movie blog A Potpourri of VestigesAnyone interested in sharing his/her thoughts on cinema/movies/television is most welcome. I would be happy to publish any piece of relevant writing (written in English only) like movie/TV series reviews, essays, articles, lists, biographies, etc. as long as the content of the article is original and previously unpublished. Also, the article should not be directed towards gaining any undue commercial benefit. An individual is not allowed to contribute more than one guest article per week. Also, please make sure that you read the Blog Policy first before sending your entries across.

In the past a number of  learned personalities have obliged A Potpourri of Vestiges with their well-researched, profound, and thought-provoking articles. 

I would like to start by thanking my good friend and filmmaker Roopa Barua for covering Cannes 2015 for A Potpourri of Vestiges. Here, I would like to make a special mention of Martin BradleyJugu AbrahamOorvazi IraniSiddhartha GandhiDestination InfinitythewhitescapeSanjeev KumarSoumabhaRicha SinghAlex SmithJade WaddyPratikshya MishraDan O'NeillJairam Mohan, Jyoti Prakash Mallick, Tejas Nair, Amrit Rukhaiyaar, Tanmay Shukla, and Sunita Lancaster.

I would also like to take this opportunity to share some relevant information about my movie blogsite so as to give a rough estimation of how it are placed in its niche. A Ptpourri of Vestiges is a well-recognized movie blog, based in India, operating since October 2011. It also features among the top blogs on the various blogging networks. The is enlisted on various major blogging directories/communities including the prestigious The LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs) Community. The site's prime focus is  to highlight contemporary as well as classic cinema—indie, art house, classic, commercial, or cult—by analyzing movies through means of reviews, essays, critiques, etc. and by its coverage of major international award functions and film festivals. The site has a strong and ever growing readership basea healthy mix of masses and aficionados, uniformly distributed all across the globe.

A Potpourri of Vestiges has a strong social media presence, with a considerably large number of followers and subscribers on facebook, google plus, twitter, and other platforms. On an average, the site receives more than 50,000 pageviews/month. While readers from the US alone comprise one-third of the total traffic, the readers from Europe (UK, Germany, France, etc.) and Asia (India, China, etc.) contribute a major chunk of the remaining traffic. 

So, if you want your voice to be heard then surely you wouldn't be disappointed. If, however, you already are an established blogger then you can surely leverage upon the association as a means to further diversify your readership base.  You blog will certainly benefit from the backlink since A Potpourri of Vestiges enjoys a very strong Alexa Rank (less than 20,000 in India and under 1,75,000 in the world).

Note: The articles can be mailed to me at Please bear in mind that Guest Blogging does not include re-publishing of existing material. A guest post is written specifically for the host blog and is not published elsewhere, but the blogger can link to it, and promote it in any way the blogger likes. Of course, the blogger can re-publish the same on his own blog the next day with a disclaimer that it was first published in A Potpourri of Vestiges. Also please do include a short bio and a profile pic along with the article. 

- Murtaza Ali

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