Seven reasons why it's essential to watch Praveen Morchhale's "Barefoot to Goa" this summer

Award-winning indie to release in cinemas across India on April 10 

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By Swati R

Barefoot to Goa, Official Release 10th April, Directed by Praveen Morchhale, Indie

Barefoot to Goa is an indie film written, directed and co-produced by the Mumbai-based independent filmmaker Praveen Morchhale. After collecting accolades at 12 film festivals in India and abroad, the makers are finally releasing the film in cinemas across India on the 10th of April, 2015. On the face of it, is a tale of two siblings: an eleven year old brother and his nine year old precocious sister, who witness the loss of innocence during a life-changing road trip that they undertake in order to meet their ailing grandmother. But, in its essence, Barefoot to Goa is a social commentary on the great rural-urban divide in India. Morchhale limns a vivid canvas to depict the dichotomy between the two Indias and the manner in which their inhabitants think, behave, act, and live.
Here are my seven reasons why it's essential to watch Barefoot to Goa in cinemas across India this summer:

1). If you appreciate meaningful cinema over masala brainless

If you are tired of big budgeted dweeb storylines and slick comedies, “Barefoot to Goa” is a refreshing cinema where the story is the hero and you do not just apply your brains to it but also enjoy and have fun.

2). If you prefer acting above overacting and overhyped film stars

The movie may not have the frequently seen film stars but the characters in the movie are your everyday people. They are either part of your family, neighborhood or somebody you know at your workplace.

Diya, Barefoot to Goa - A Brief character Analysis, Directed by Praveen Morchhale
Barefoot to Goa: Dia

3). If you enjoy the desi locales over foreign location

What can be said, the title itself has Goa in it. Needless to say more!

4). If you feel that you need a detox from the item numbers and vulgar rap songs in your movies

Oh, the movie doesn’t boast of “YO YO” or any eyeball catching item number but it does have Yesudas and Toshi Raina to say the least.

5). If you feel talent needs to be recognized and encouraged

The movie is directed by first time director Praveen Morchhale. It takes a lot of courage and determination to take up a topic which is close to your heart and make a movie out of it without compromising the storyline. You deserve full marks, Mr. Director!

Grandmother, Barefoot to Goa - A Brief character Analysis
Barefoot to Goa: Grandma

6). If childhood is something you always miss the most 

It’s a real treat to experience something nostalgic so that you acknowledge that your childhood days were the best days of your life.

And the ultimate… 

7). If you love your grandparents 

Oh, it’s not always about loving your parents! Grandparents come way ahead of them. They were the ones who saved you when your father was furious about your failing in mathematics in standard XIII. Do you remember that ‘achar’ grandma used to make during summer holidays? If you do then go watch Barefoot to Goa, releasing on the 10th of April at a cinema near you. 

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Readers, please feel free to share your thoughts/views in the comment box below. As always your valuable thoughts are highly appreciated!  

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  1. Awesome Swati.. :)

  2. It also portrays the unlimited love and trust bestowed between siblings, so much so that it is taken for granted!


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