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Barefoot to Goa, Movie Poster, Proud Volunteer, Directed by Praveen Morchhale

We invite you all to be our PROUD VOLUNTEER for Social Media Promotion Campaign for the film Barefoot to Goa.  Please find details of the film and our offer to you for your support as volunteer.

"Barefoot to Goa" which is an indie film and it has been to many film festivals across the world. Now 240 people  have contributed fund through our Proud Funding campaign to make film's release possible in theaters and I believe this is the first time happening in India that a public is funding a feature film's release.  Film will be released in India in theaters in April 2015.

Film has been receiving very good reviews in  media ( Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Hardnews Magazine, TOI (Goa), Herald, etc, as well as from cinema critics) on the basis of its soulful subject. Many reputed world cinema critics are comparing it  with well known films.  Also it is being considered by critics in the league of Lunchbox, Ship of Theseus etc.

A UK based magazine listed "Barefoot to Goa" as one of the best indie films of 2014 from India along with Ugly, Qissa, Margarita with a Straw, Citylights, etc.

Synopsis :  Barefoot to Goa is a tale of two siblings who travel alone from Mumbai to Goa to save their grandmother who is dying of cancer and abandoned and neglected by their parents. It is a parable of relationships getting left behind in our fast paced society. Its  mourning of the death of values and beliefs without being mournful. Its a bright film about sadness.

At the end of the release, please see the list of film festivals and some of the media articles / critics reviews in leading newspapers.

Trailer (YouTube)

Link to Website


1. You may help reach film and make it promote on social media by posting, sharing and making comments on FB, Twitter, You tube, blogs and engage & invite the people and friends for the two months period. We expect our posting on social media should be further shared by you.

2. You can independently post in various FB groups about our movie / trailer / posting.

3. We can create FB group for your city for the film and invite people.

4. Inspire your friends and people to be  volunteer for the film.

5. Any innovative online activity / idea you feel will be interesting, you can share with us.

6. Our aim is to make people aware online, promote the film and inspire people to go and watch it in theaters when we release it in April 2015.

Time Required:  You may contribute about 10-20 minutes of your time per day in bits and pieces. If you feel and can devote more, we welcome.

 - Special Invitation to you (maximum 2 tickets) for film's special screening in your city.

-  We will shout your name with a photo ( banner) on FB / twitter  / Our Website as "Proud Volunteer for Social Media Promotion"  (you may see our FB page   for example how we shouted about our Proud Funders before)

-  At the end of the campaign, a souvenir and a letter for appreciation for being our FILM'S "PROUD VOLUNTEER"

We will provide you material / topics / posting everything ready to share / promote etc.

We want film making, distribution and promotion /publicity as participative and with people's involvement so good cinema deserve to reach to public. 

Hope above inspire you to be our partner in creating a new environment for good cinema.

Let's bring good Cinema to Theaters

Should you require any more details, please let me know.  And if this excites you to help good cinema, please confirm by replying it. 

Thanking you with warm regards
Praveen Morchhale
Barefoot Pictures
1604, Sejal Tower, off Link Road,
Goregaon (W) -400104
email -

Festival participation

Barefoot to Goa has been invited to many international film festivals and continues traveling.
  • Mumbai Film Festival, -  Oct. 2013 International Competition section
  • Columbian International Film Festival, Bogota - International Competition section 2014
  • Chennai International Film Festival, December 2013 - Indian Panorama
  • Peloponnesian International Film Festival, Greece - International Competition section
  • Bengaluru International Film Festival - Indian Cinema competition section
  • Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, May 2014
  • London Indian Film Festival, July 2014
  • Indian Film Festival of Hague, October 2014
  • Indian Film Festival, Montreal, Oct 2104
  • CMS International Film Festival, May 2014.
  • Kolkatta CIFF, Dec 2014

Link to Media Coverage / Reviews

1. Review by Hindustan Times- ex film critic Jugu Abraham on world cinema blog " Movies which make you think" 

2. Review by Murtaza Ali, a film critic of world cinema - "Barefoot to Goa is the crowning jewel of this new avant-garde movement in Hindi cinema"

3. Review in Hardnews Magazine

Readers, please feel free to share your thoughts/views in the comment box below. As always your feedback is highly appreciated!  

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