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Barefoot to Goa, Poster, Directed by Praveen Morchhale
Barefoot to Goa (2013)
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The following is a brief character analysis of the movie's two major characters:

1). Diya: 

Diya, Barefoot to Goa - A Brief character Analysis, Directed by Praveen Morchhale

A precocious little girl of nine who epitomizes the unbridled innocence of childhood that would tug at our heartstrings. Her resolve and strong headedness make her an object of envy and a symbol of courage not only for her eleven year old brother but also for those adults who fail to muster the courage when the going gets tough. She is the proverbial pocket size dynamite in more ways than we can possibly imagine. To watch this young upstart experience a loss of innocence as she steps out of her cocooned environment, accompanied by her brother, in search of her ailing, abandoned grandmother is nothing short of a pure cinematic treat.

2). Grandmother: 

Grandmother, Barefoot to Goa - A Brief character Analysis

The poignant sight of a septuagenarian woman incapacitated by old age and a bout with cancer longing for a son who long abandoned her can melt any heart. Her son’s blatant display of indifference hasn’t stopped her from loving him or sending him letters and homemade sweets at brief intervals. But, her love for her grandchildren is most tender and she wants to shower them with all of it while she still can. By closely observing her, we may get glimpses of our own elders and, perhaps, even come to terms with their growing solitude as they get older. We may also be reminded of our urban society's moral and cultural decadence.

About the Movie:

Barefoot to Goa is an indie film written, directed and co-produced by the Mumbai-based independent filmmaker Praveen Morchhale. On the face of it, is a tale of two siblings: an eleven year old brother and his nine year old precocious sister, who witness the loss of innocence during a life-changing road trip that they undertake in order to meet their ailing grandmother. But, in its essence, Barefoot to Goa is a social commentary on the great rural-urban divide in India. Morchhale limns a vivid canvas to depict the dichotomy between the two Indias and the manner in which their inhabitants think, behave, act, and live.

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