A Vote of Thanks: A Potpourri of Vestiges featured among Top 5 Entertainment Blogs in India

A Potpourri of Vestiges Feature

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Writing can be both cathartic and edifying for an individual. It basically starts off as an utterly selfish act but often proves to be of great benefit to the society at large. Sometimesand it's like a real icing on the cake when that happensit can also be rewarding. As you all must be aware that your beloved blog "A Potpourri of Vestiges" was nominated for the 2014 Blogadda Awards. And, thanks to your overwhelming support, it emerged as a serious contender in the end, courtesy of which it finished among the Top 5 Entertainment Blogs in India. We would like to take this opportunity to extend to you all my deepest gratitude.

What had started out as a mere means of self-indulgence has blossomed into something far more significant. A Potpourri of Vestiges, an eclectic selection of avant-garde, auteur-driven, thought-provoking films from across the globe, aims to acquaint the masses with the realm of cinema, especially as the ultimate medium of human expression by analyzing movies—art house, classic, indie, or cult—through the means of reviews, essays, critiques, etc. and by its coverage of major international award functions and film festivals. 

A Potpourri of Vestiges has finally started to fulfill its true purpose, that of serving International cinema. We are quite fortunate to receive zealous readers who are quite keen on fathoming the depths of cinema. Our strong and ever growing readership base, a healthy mix of masses and aficionados, is uniformly distributed all across the globe.

Today, we enjoy a strong social media presence, with a considerably large number of followers and subscribers on facebook, google plus, twitter, and other platforms. 

As we continue this amazing journey, we would like to thank all those who have been instrumental in making this movie blog a grand success. In the days to come we look forward to a much more enthusiastic participation from our avid readers as we plan our next phase of progression.

— Murtaza Ali

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