Multiplexes Vs Old Cinemas: How the movie viewing experience has evolved over the years?

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We live in an advanced age where things either evolve or go through obsolescence. Cinema definitely belongs to the former category. The movie viewing experience has indeed come a long way since its formative years. From the age of silent films back in the 1920s to today's modern age of 4D, the concept of cinema has underdone a 360 degrees shift. The idea of movie viewing has undergone a sort of transmutation. 

Ambiance and comfort have become an integral part of it. Come to think of it, those cinema halls of old were no match for modern day multiplexes. But ever wondered how? Well, the creative minds at Cineworld recently came up with a rather interesting Infographic that charts the changes in cinema over the decades, right from its early inception to the modern day.

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— Murtaza Ali

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