School 2013 (2012) (TV Series): An emotional, coming-of-age journey of teenagers enriched with Korean cuteness and sensitivities

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By Pratikshya Mishra

School 2013, Poster, Let's go to school

School 2013 or Let’s go to school is essentially about life at school, as the name suggests. It shows school as the institution of learning and growth in life, and as a society within the society, having a world of its own.

There are teenagers striving through competitions, exams, and peer pressures on one hand; and basking in the sweet innocent pleasures of friendship and first crush on the other.

It’s about some teenagers struggling to follow their goals, dreams, and ambitions; having their own share of success and failures. And it’s also about the others who suffer for the lack of it all. They think life is nothing but a drudgery of routine. We see them growing gradually surviving bullies; bad mouths and rumors from gossip girls; fighting types; punishments and persistent teachers.
School 2013, Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo picture collage  School 2013, Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo studying 

There are a lot of scenes that tug at the heart: the bromance between the two male leads, Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo; their mutual distrust owing to past rivalry; and the final forgiving and forgetting. The feel good moments and the tear-jerker ones make this a balanced watch.

There are also teachers—some who love the profession, start their day happily and fulfill everything that the job demands and others who hate each and every nuance of the job.

School 2013, picture collage of different characters 

When someone believes in you, it is easier to do something that you thought was impossible. Even the most difficult task, one that you presumed to be beyond your capabilities, becomes a feat you want to achieve; if not for your own self, then for that someone who believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. This role of ‘someone’ is played by the teacher here, Teacher Jung. The students strive hard to be worthy of her unconditional faith, and unrelenting belief.

School 2013 shows this great relationship between the students and teachers that improves gradually through the 16 episodes. And the best part is, it doesn't preach. Lucky and blessed are those who have had a great influential teacher early in their lives.

The school students, girls and boys together

School 2013 is an emotional journey of meeting and parting, of enmity turning to friendship eventually, and of the last farewell and cherished memories. Memorable characters and a poignant tale indeed, without any undue exaggeration, and with the Korean cuteness and sensitivities.

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