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Every now and again a TV drama will come along that we’re unable to take our eyes off. When its not playing, we find ourselves eagerly waiting for the next episode to air and when it is, we’re sitting on the edge of our seats in anticipation.

We’re extremely lucky to experience the work of a variety of top directors and producers in this day and age, and no longer must we sit in front of the big screen to experience their work.

Each and every season a new and exciting series is released and one such series that has caught our eyes in recent years is Game of Thrones. The American epic fantasy-drama first came to light in 2011 and has been going strong ever since. Season three unfortunately came to an end in June and has of course, left us all wanting more. Although the next is on its way, many will feel slightly at a loss. It is however important to remember that actors are not machines, and even they need a break from filming.

If you still find yourself twiddling your thumbs whilst waiting for the new series to come around, you can always visit the Game of thrones at HBO UK official site. Here you will find all of the previous episodes along with discussions on the characters, spoilers and books. There’s even a season four wish list where diehard fans reveal their aspirations for the next episodes.

Another way to relive the fantasies of Game of Thrones is to the read the books. Only a few will know that the creators based the entire series on the blockbuster novels by George R.R Martin. Of course there are tweaks here and there but this is still a great way to re-experience the battles, explorations and romance until season 4 arrives!

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  1. HBO has done a lot more than to simply tweak the series to differentiate from the books. In some instances, it has expanded the roles of bit characters and added others. Every episode after season one is barely recognizable.

  2. Well... I couldn't have agreed more... HBO does deserve the credit for all that you have said and more!!! :-)

  3. Hey just wondering if you're interested in contributing to our '1001 Overlooked Movies' project over at The Movie Waffler? All the details are here

  4. At the pace they are going, and GRRM is writing, I have a feeling that the show will soon catch up to the books. It will be interesting to see what they manage to do about it when that happens.


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