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Dan Zukovic's Strange and Surreal Modern Noir

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It's always a matter of great excitement and pleasure for "A Potpourri of Vestiges" to make announcements about any upcoming Indie feature filmsToday, we have the privilege of sharing with our readers the trailer of Dan Zukovic's visual feast: Dark Arc.

Dark Arc, Directed by Dan Zukovic, Strange and Surreal 'Visual Feast' Modern Noir

Dark Arc, a bizarre modern noir dark comedy, was recently released on DVD and Netflix through Vanguard Cinemaand is currently debuting on Cable Video On Demand. 

Director: Dan Zukovic

Genre: Comedy - Drama

Cast: Sarah Strange, Kurt Max Runte, Dan Zukovich

Movie Info: A mysterious comedy about love, lust, art and the power of the "charged image", Dark Arc follows the eccentric love triangle between an artist, a graphic designer and their inspiring muse.

Plot Summary: From the director of the 90’s cult hit “The Last Big Thing” a modern comedy noir about love, lust, art and the power of the image in today’s culture. “Dark Arc” tells the story of Viscount Laris, an eccentric modern-day dandy obsessed by the power of art and visual imagery to mold the behavior and psychology of the individual. With his complicit female muse Juxta, he orchestrates an elaborate series of staged visual events for the sole purpose of subliminally influencing the life of a harmless, down-to-earth graphic designer. As Viscount’s visual manipulations escalate his experiments begin to take on the cruel and sinister overtones that will lead the film to its shocking conclusion.

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Dark Arc had it's World Premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival, and it's US Premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival. The movie stars Sarah Strange ("White Noise"), Kurt Max Runte ("X-Men", "Battlestar Gallactica"), and Dan Zukovic (director and star of the cult comedy "The Last Big Thing"). 

Dark Arc features the Glam/Punk songs "Dark Fruition", "Ire and Angst", "F.ByronFitzBaudelaire" and a dark orchestral score by Neil Burnett.

 Murtaza Ali

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Dark Arc Trailer

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