Best of the Best Blogathon: December 2012 to January 2013

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The year 2K13 will soon be dawning upon us. And the time has come to bid adieu to the year 2K12. 2K12 has been a very special year for "A Potpourri of Vestiges". During the course of the year we accomplished several feats. We not only hit the 100K and 200K counters but also bagged the "Blogger of the Fortnight" award from Winchimes. Indian top blogs showcased our blog in its eclectically chosen list of Top 50 Indian blogs. 
To celebrate our grand success and to bid farewell to 2K12, we have decided to host our very first blogathon. We have named it: Best of the Best Blogathon. As the name suggests, we are interested in posts/articles that deal with the best of cinema. For example,  it can be anything about your favorite actor, actress, director, film, composer, cinematographer, etc. It can be a list of your best films, actors, actresses, directors, or whatever you like about cinema. It can focus on any particular year, era, or movement in cinema. You can talk about particular genre(s), career(s), pair(s), award(s), style(s), etc. As long as it deals with cinema and talks about the best that you think there is or has been or can be, you are well on course. It can be a new post as well as an existing one. So, we basically want to celebrate the spirit of cinema. The blogathon will run for a period of one whole month: starting today i.e. the 21st of December 2012 till  the 20th of January 2013.  
So, all you need to do is to include our blogathon logo in your post (along with a link to this post so as to confirm your participation) and  mail the following details at :-

i). Article Heading:

ii). Name of the Blog:   
iii). Additional info (optional):    

Once the entry is received, it will be appended here. The same space will be updated on a regular basis and so please do keep any eye on it.      

We entreat our fellow bloggers to participate whole-heartedly and help make this blogathon a grand success. The bloggers are also requested to spread the word around in order to maximize the participation.

—Murtaza Ali

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  1. Hi Murtuza,

    Great Initiative. I shall be sending in my entries soon. A query - do we need to post everyday?



    My Blog | My FB Page

  2. Dear Jay,

    Greeting for the day!

    Thanks for showing your interest in the Best of the Best Blogathon. There is no such compulsion... you can post as per your convenience. Even the old posts (as long as they are relevant) would suffice.

    *Murtaza Ali*
    *A Potpourri of Vestiges
    * * *

  3. Wow! What a wonderful way to promote Bollywood which actually needs no promotion!

  4. Thanks... and you are absolutely right as Bollywood indeed needs no promotion. As a matter of fact Best of the Best Blogathon is not limited to Bollywood in particular... on the contrary it encompasses international cinema as a whole :-)


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