Best Films of Stanley Kubrick

American filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, in my personal opinion, was Anglo-American Cinema's most potent reply to the 'Fellinis', the 'Bunuels', the 'Bergmans', the 'Kurosawas', the 'Rays', and the 'Tarkovskys' of the world. Universally revered for his singularly uncanny style and his endless craving for perfection, Kubrick had succeeded in enrapturing the masses, critics and the film-makers alike for well over four decades through the means of his avant-garde, thought-provoking works of art constituting a body of work that seemed to cover the entire movie horizon. His celebrated oeuvre, a testament to his versatility as a filmmaker, is studded by timeless gems like The Killing (1956)—a Noir masterpiece; Paths of Glory (1957)—an Anti-War film; Spartacus (1960)—an epic Drama; 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)—a Sci-Fi extravaganza; A Clockwork Orange (1971)—a futuristic Crime Thriller; Barry Lyndon—a period Drama;  The Shining (1980)—a Horror masterpiece; Eyes Wide Shut (1999)—a psychedelic Suspense Thriller. Amongst his stellar contemporaries, Kubrick was arguably the most consummate filmmaker: an undisputed master of all trades. While most of the Anglo-American filmmakers of his time tried to focus on a genre in particular, Kubrick continued to tread the hitherto uncharted expanse of cinematic horizon, thereby catapulting himself into a very elite league of filmmakers. 
After a highly successful early stint in Hollywood, Kubrick entered a very difficult phase in his life—during which he suffered both personally as well as professionally—that culminated in his second divorce. Disillusioned with the razzmatazz of Hollywood, Kubrick shifted his base to England in the 60s, never to return again. In was in the UK that Kubrick would make his most influential movies: right from Lolita (1962) to Eyes Wide Shut (1999). The beauty of a quintessential Kubrick film is that it forces the viewers to think, for the end product is always more than the sum of its parts. The articulation of cinematic space, which is also known as mise en scène, when achieved through the use of long uncut camera sequence serves as a great means of drawing attention for itself. Kubrick's later works like 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Shining most eloquently demonstrate the master’s command over the use of cinematic space through long uncut shots—a unique facet of Kubrick's filmmaking genius that is often so obtusely described by his staunch critics as a mere exercise in style. Kubrick's avant-garde, auteur-driven, though-provoking works of cinematic art are never short of being perpetually open to speculation, for they can be interpreted at different levels based on the viewer's own intellect and understanding. Perhaps, it was Stanley Kubrick's uncanny ability to conjure up works of art unparalleled on technical as well as emotional fronts that made him one of the greatest auteurs of the 20th century.

Top 10 Movies by Stanley Kubrick (as per IMDb user ratings)

1). Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)
3). A Clockwork Orange (1971)
4). The Shining (1980)
6). Full Metal Jacket (1987)
7). The Killing (1956)
8). Barry Lyndon (1975)
9). Spartacus (1960)
10). Lolita (1962)

Top 5 Movies by Stanley Kubrick (Author’s Pick)

1). Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
2). 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
3). The Shining (1980)
4). A Clockwork Orange (1971)
5). Full Metal Jacket (1987)

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  2. Thanks Eric! I will surely let you know :-)

  3. Yet another brilliant post about a brilliant personalisty. Stanley is ain't just another director but he was genre-setter, game-changer and most importantly unique in his presentation. Great post buddy

  4. Thanks Hari! IMO, Kubrick was an auteur par-excellence! The world of cinema owes a colossal debt to the visionary filmmaker!!!

  5. Thanks for reminding me that I should see Full Metal Jacket

  6. You're right - Kubrick is always thought-provoking.

  7. Well, I am really glad that you happen to agree with me :-)

  8. So you put "Eyes Wide Shut" as your number one? Nothing wrong with that, it certainly is a great movie. Though my personal favorite is "The Shining." Definitely agree that Kubrick was a true artist and a master of the craft.

  9. Thanks Alex for sharing your valuable opinion! I rate all his movies very highly and I agree with your choice... Shining indeed is in a league of its own :)

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