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Tanmay is an online film critic and a filmmaker who was first introduced to cinema when he explored his elder brother’s collection while he was around 10. A few years ago he discovered IMDb.COM and since then he has been obsessed about everything related to cinema. He had accidentally read a book on directors and the name which he remembered was that of the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock, and he believes that his passion for cinema springs from his love for Hitchcock's work. Apart from movies, Tanmay has keen interests in photography, art, travelling, reading and writing.

Tanmay Shukla, Guest Review, A Potpourri of Vestiges

The following is a chronological compilation of movie reviews written by Tanmay Shukla for A Potpourri of Vestiges. Readers can click on the desired movie-title in order to access the particular review. The complete index of reviews published on this blog can be accessed here.
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