My horrible experience with UC News content syndication programme

By Murtaza Ali Khan

I was contacted by UC News a few months back seeking my consent for content sharing. And, I had obliged them. Till this day I regret that I did. For, it has been a horrific experience. 

It has proven to be a real pain in the neck for me, During this period I time and again registered my concerns with the the UC News representatives. But, despite my repeated requests UC News has failed to look into my concerns. My articles/reviews have gone on unpublished for days and at times even for weeks

During the first month my content garnered about 4 lakh hits. All these hits went completely unaccounted (in terms of any monetary compensation). Till date, despite my repeated queries no assurances have been given in this regard. During the last month or so my content (dozens of my articles) has been repeatedly neglected. 

Most entertainment articles have a very small shelf life. But the UC News team doesn't seem bothered by it. I mean how good is the review of say Raees after two weeks of the movie's release? The same is true for many of my other articles and reviews. Now, UC News want more and more bloggers to join their bandwagon (as it would give them the bragging rights). 

It seems all they are interested in is promoting the content of big/corporate publications and are indifferent towards bloggers/independent content generators. While they are not allowing the content of bloggers to reach the readers at the right time, they are using all their might to push the content of big publications. 

I am not the only person to have suffered at the hands of UC News. Bloggers/independent content producers are coming forward in numbers to share their experiences. 

Here is one such initiative by a blogger:

Here is a case of UC News stealing a blogger's content despite her continuous complaints:

Readers, please feel free to share your opinion by leaving your comments. As always your valuable thoughts are highly appreciated!  

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